Water : A Holy Sacrament for Magical Rites of Passage

The scientific formula for water is H2O.



This means something worth learning in more detail, since water exists within everything on Earth, but what is the formula made from? For those unable to answer the question, here is what you didn’t know about the situation. H2O is formed by bonding of one atom of oxygen with two atoms of hydrogen, becoming a chemical substance at the molecular level. It is only by way of this natural chemical formula that forms a clear, transparent and reflective substance, which all life stems from at the source. Throughout human evolution, we have learned to think of ourselves in similar terms, because we understood that somehow we are like the waters of the world. We are parts of a whole, but not until we traveled across the Earth to it’s boundaries did we understand that water is not just life giving.

Civilizations flourished around the great rivers and major waterways; but as we traveled the paths of the landscape, we followed these waterways to where their currents exited out from the continents in to the salt water oceans. Most notably were Babylon and Egypt. Mesopotamia was situated between the major rivers Tigris and Euphrates; the Egyptians build kingdoms upon the Nile. But these first great water cults and cultures would be out shined by technologies that allowed traveling the Earth by navigating the seas.

Many cultures evolved out of their connections to the oceans or sea waterways. Countries with such outlets to the greater ocean wavelengths, the now owe their modern incarnations and successful rise to power, at least in part to their easy accessibility via water to the rest of the world. The ability to transverse the globe, led to conquest, exploration, navigation and expansion of trade routes. Islands with safe water ports flourished for similar reasons. In places where water is more scarce, accessible clean drinking water was a major factor in human development.

Water is a fluid which is an chemically essential and constituent substance, the navigation of the Earth by wind and sail, this technology owed everything to the way that the element of water manifested across the globe.

Water and religion always were united in ritual magic and holy sacrament.

Water had been considered a purifying substance in most religions. Faiths worldwide exist that incorporate ritual bathing, anointing, washing, immersion and blessing of the human spirit, using only water that has been transformed into holy elixir. This concept is utilized in Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Rastafari, Shinto, Taoism, Odinism and Wicca. Ritual immersion is practiced by all monotheistic religions and these original rituals would transform into a general idea and practice called baptism.

Baptism is a formula for blessing and creating rites of passage, such that by using mere ritual magic, a boy or girl child can be transformed into an adult. The rite of passage is seen as equally important, as many of the actual trials of growth into a teenager or adolescent. Very often ritual magic that anoints a young person offers a combination of blessing, protection, guidance and passing of the torch, often with it the family power, ruler-ship, inheritance or birthrights. This passing of the birthrights, often is symbolic and ritualized with specific presents, gifts, totems or jewelry that would be given to the young boy or girl (a great place for presents for St. Valentine’s, birthdays, weddings etc.).

The connection to baptism and water goes back to the first journeys across the oceans by mariners, such as the Vikings. The anchor was the seaman’s symbol of the crossroads, this is a symbol that was translated into many religious beliefs including the cross of crucifixion, the four quartered hoop and even the swastika. All are the mariner’s cross, or the anchor of the spirit that is thrown into the chaotic waves of the salt waters. If is cast to find a place to land in the darkness of the storm, going back to the stone age memories of watching the first rain storms and weathering them out safely.

By taking on the holy sacrament and using ritual magic to pass the traditions down, all men and women had a way to ascend to their rightful spiritual and material place on Earth. Their honor, pride and history could be traced, but their connection could be guaranteed in the next world by repeating the ritual of baptism. As they were born of their mother’s womb breaking water, their bodies would die but the blessing of being one baptized guaranteed being reborn, remembered and not cast adrift into darkness.

As humans faced and navigated the storms, then the seas and oceans. So could anyone be assured being saved from the being cast off or drowning, but only if they took on the sharing of their bodies as holy sacrament in death, and believed in the magical ritualistic teaching that promised to guide them home. Home being the ocean of light that is the great sea of all human souls, now until eternity.

Blessed be, the children of the sea.

H20 : Water As An Elemental Symbol In Holy Rites And Ritual Magic

Water : An Elemental Symbol of Both Life and Death


Water is important in all aspects of nature.

Fresh water made life possible for all species on the land, but it also taught humans about the cycles of time, life and death. Where streams and rivers ran, our ancestors learned to follow along side of such ways. The great tributaries became the focus of traveling, migration, hunting and gathering. As we first followed the herds throughout the year, we learned to follow the flow of the water sources and we integrated these bits of knowledge into the tribal culture.

When rain first came down from the heavens and our earliest ancestors watched it, what a wonder this must have been. The feeling of winds and lightning spinning above the landscape, as their rotations clapped aloud with thundering sounds. Followed by the darkening skies and gathering storm clouds, finally bringing forth an elemental wonder, as their cloud bursting let loose torrential monsoons.

As time passed, the calm before the storms breaking would become a sign of the elements gathering their directional powers, letting the Earth children know that water could bring manna from the heavens.

Humans must have be awe struck, watching what appeared to be the most frightening spectacles in all of nature, the storm brewing darkness across the lands. Only to be dancing gratefully, when the same sky began offering those same humans the life giving waterfall, as the storm transformed. It was the circle of life and death, being displayed for the apes grunting, at the base of the monolith.

As the deathly storms electrified the above, so it did give universal waters rain on the below. But more of importance was the fact that the timing of the storms and monsoons, followed the paths of the moon and stars, that could also be followed along with the solar rotation. Somewhere along the way, the discovery of time was maid, probably by a woman shaman who rarely left the mouth of the caves, but she had long ago discovered that her bleeding was in sync with the seasonal powers.

Being the key to birth of all this biological component of all living organisms and other organic lifeforms on this planet. Water is the one of the primary, yet most basic chemical compounds which allows for various states of change. Modern scientific conjecture maintains, that it holding the critical balanced Earthly ecosystems together, since the beginning of life on our planet.

Water appears everywhere in nature.Being either solid, liquid or fast, but may take to numerous forms and even absolute still water is often misunderstood. Depending on the environmental factors, water co-exists in one of three possible elemental states. These being a liquid elemental state, a solid icy state and a gaseous steam state. It can also exist in transitions between these three primary states, as clouds, fog, dew, water vapor, hail or snow.

Water is fundamental to photosynthesis and respiration. Without water, the sun could not interact with life on the planet to create oxygen. Everything is interactive with the water cycle on the Earth. Water recycles itself every second of each day, as rain, rivers, lakes, oceans, glaciers and icebergs, even as fresh and salt water ecosystems for different types of life simultaneously.

The pagan goddess cults of the late stone age, began tracking this information and started building ways to mark off the calendar niche market. As time elapsed forward, the beginning of tribal problems from the external world and internal world, but seemed to think that creating great Earth works was a good idea. Thus the prehistoric cultures began growing, the technological advances did as well, for some time became a method of observing the ancestors and for other time became the focus of ritual observance of the ever present lives their people lived.
Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, funerals and similar ceremonies are the modern remnants of these first great leaps of understanding time. In order to teach everyone to observe the sun and moon cycles, holidays were created to mark the passage of time. Originally being holy days, but over millenniums they became our equinoxes and solstices, our esbats and cross quarters. But were it not for the need to follow the water and the animal herds that sought it, or the direction of the storms migrating with the seasons, all such markers would be meaningless.

Instead of holy days, which we observe, as we once observed the gathering calm before the rain storms.